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The Key Environment Protection Enterprises in China
The Greentec was created in 1997.As a mainstay science and technology private environment enterprise in China, the Company took part in establishing several national and industrial standards and criterions. The Greentec also made an outstanding achievement in the fields of auto-exhausting and NVH control, noise and vibration control, industrial powder and exhaust gases management, the new technology of water treatment and energy-saving and so on. At 2008, the trademark of "Greentec" became one of the "Chinese Famous Trademarks".

Business and Services
Control of acoustic quality:
The Greentec carried out the EPC Project. In 2004, cooperating with the best ever acoustics research unit in China, the Greentec Acoustic Engineering Stocks Co.,Ltd. be launched, the first Chinese professional acoustic engineering company. The Greentec has undertaken several noise control projects for 2008 Olympic games since 2005. In 2007, The Company have undertaken the sub-project of The National Key Technology R&D Program, “Eco-manufactory ” project. Until now, The Greentec has made many achievements in the field of noise control of the municipal, civil and industrial facilities. Besides that, Greentec has set up the national technology & engineering center of the noise & vibration control which cooperating with Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection in the year of 2008. At the same year, Greentec Acoustic Engineering Stocks Co.,Ltd. was evaluated as “top 50 valuable enterprises for investment in China” on the forum of Private Equity Investment Fund.

Greentec Acoustic Engineering Stocks Co.,Ltd

Automobile environment protection:  The Greentec has undertaken the national keystone scientific research program in the area of auto-exhausting and NVH control, established the first Chinese European Ⅲ standard of catalytic converter, and developed the first automobile exhaust design institute in China. The Greentec has successfully designed and produced exhaust system for dozens of Chinese-owned brand vehicle Companies. Moreover, our constituent corporation, The Greentec Environment Protection Equipment Stocks Co.,Ltd. has came into market of Zhong Guancun Commissioned stock exchange in June, 2006.

Greentec Environment Protection Equipment Stocks Co.,Ltd

Air cleaning: The Greentec processes the A Class qualification of atmospheric environmental protection design. One of our constituent corporation, The Greentec Air Cleaning Engineering Co.,Ltd. has developed into a technical backbone in the terms of purifying and recycling of Organic Exhaust Gas, industrial precipitation treatment and self-cleaning nanotechnology.

Greentec Air Cleaning Engineering Co.,Ltd

High-tech enterprises incubator: Having summarized and been sharing our successful experiences, Greentec is going to incubate more outstanding environment enterprises for the society.

Greentec Science Incubator Co.,Ltd

New energy resources: Greentec has outspreaded the international view in the R&D of new generation solar cell, which shortened the gap with the most advanced global technique. The technique will be transform into productivity cosmically in the future.

More about new energy 

About our company
The Greentec headquarters lies in Greentec Industrial Park, which is in the central region of Zhong Guancun Science Park. The park not only serves as the base of producing, researching, education and training for the group, but also is growing up as an integrated research and training demonstration base for environment protection equipment in China.

Numerous Technical Talents in Greentec
As an independent innovation enterprise, the Greentec sustained invests a lot into the technical research and development in the key area. The company will bring the newest scientific results into the market and transform them into comfortable living environment ultimately.

The Greentec has made a great contribution in the technology progress of the environmental treatment. Our engineering and R&D team is one of the Chinese first-class unit which formed by many professional experts of national level,which include four first batch of registered environment engineers in China. The goal of the company is to sustained improve human’ beings living conditions by incessantly eco-creativity.

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